Dunhuang Lovers
For flute, pipa (Chinese lute) and cello (14'13")
live performance by Earplay and pipa virtuoso Shenshen Zhang

Mongolian Impressions
For bassoon, string quartet and percussion (17'15")
live performance by musicians of Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Mvt 1: Long Song

Mvt 2: Horse Racing

Mvt 3: Playing with the Snow

Incomplete Journey
For string quartet (7'19")
live performance by Cassatt String Quartet

Green on the Miao Ridge
For flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin and violoncello (6'24")
performed by members of Eighth Blackbird and UMKC Performers
conducted by Hayes Bunch

Mo Suo's Burial Ceremony
For flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn and bassoon (9'33")
by Aspen Student Woodwind Quintet

Mountain Sacrifice No. 2
For full orchestra (11'31")
performed by American Composers Orchestra
conducted by David Alan Miller

Peach Blossom Valley
For string quartet (10'10")
live performance by Beo String Quartet

Legend of the Sea
For basson solo (10'22" )
by Jeffery Lyman

Voice of Dong
For Saxophone Quartet (9'20")
performed by PRISM Quartet

King Chu
For Painted Face (a role from Beijing Opera) and chamber orchestra (13'34")
performed by Qingxian Liu (Painted Face) and UMKC orchestra
conducted by Robert Olson

Lotus Roots
For Qingyi and Chinese flute (7'55")
by Hong Zhu and Yue Chen

For Guanzi, Guqin, violin, violoncello and three percussionists (14'36")
performed by Zhihou Hu, Mei Huang, Jingli Zhang, Yue Wang, Yu Zhang, Shenhua Hu and Kanghao Feng
conducted by Linlin Wang

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