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Convergence (2009)

For Voice and Violoncello


Convergence is a duet written for violoncello and voice, which is inspired by the fact that the two opposite aspects of every contradiction coexist in one single entity. It is the real interactive dialogue and communication between the violoncello and the voice; meanwhile, the two converge into one synergetic integral. Convergence refers to confluence between the pressure and counterforce, pains and joys, human beings and environments, individuals and collectivity, less and more, smallness and greatness, thoughts and actions, as well as spirits and representations.

For the voice's text, I use different vowels to express various feelings and moods instead of using the detailed text that contains the particular meaning. For example, the "u" and "i" hint dark mood, the "ao" and "an" mean brighter, and the "a" means the brightest and happiest. The voice includes not only the regular singing, but also recitative, murmur, shouts, and even cries.

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