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Mo Suo's Burial Ceremony (2006)

For woodwind quintet


Hailed by The New York Times as "bubbly quintet", Mo Suo's Burial Ceremony was composed in 2006. Inspired by the unique funeral customs in Mo Suo, a Chinese southwest minority, this wood quintet depicts Lama's reciting scriptures to release souls from purgatory, Daba monks' dancing to expel ghosts, as well as Lama's cremating corpse which are tied up like a fetus into a wooden cage for reincarnation. I tried to create various colors and dramatic tension and express the touching emotions. In this work, winds are considered human beings' voices that contain joy, sadness, anger, and fear etc. They cry, they laugh, they talk and they dance. In addition, this work is based on three pitches---B, C, and F, initials of Burial, Ceremony and Funeral. The first and last note both use C, which symbolize a life cycle.

This work won International Music Prize for Excellence in Composition 2011, American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) Morton Gould Young Composers Award in 2007; In 2008, Quintette K won 2nd Prize in 5th Lyon International Chamber Music Competition, in which they played my wind quintet as one of the five pieces they played in the competition.

This work received numerous performances in U.S., France, Germany, Norway and China since its born in summer 2006. It is also highly acclaimed by the performers and audience. The July 2007's performance at Aspen Music Festival are by five principals from Philadelphia, Detroit, St. Louis, Montreal and Bergen Orchestras.

  1. Quintette K, France, March 2012
  2. Quintet of Americas, New York, February 2012
  3. Quintette K, France, November 2010;
  4. Quintette K, France, October 2010;
  5. Bergen Woodwind Quintet, Shanghai, China ,October 2010
  6. Bergen Woodwind Quintet, Tianjin, China, October 2010
  7. Bergen Woodwind Quintet, Beijing, China, October 2010;
  8. Con fuoco Quintett, University of Music Karlsruhe, Germany, June 2010;
  9. UMKC Woodwind Quintet, Kansas City, November 2009;
  10. Quintette K, France, September 11, 2009;
  11. Quintette K, France, September 19, 2009;
  12. Quintette K, France, March 2009;
  13. Quintette K, Germany, March 2009;
  14. Quintet of Americas, New York, June 2008;
  15. Quintette K, France, April 2008;
  16. East Winds Quintet, PA, February 2008;
  17. Quintet of Americas, New York, January 2008;
  18. Quintette Cassiopee, Lyon, France, October 2007;
  19. Bergen Woodwind Quintet, Oslo, Norway, October 2007;
  20. Conundrum Woodwind Quintet, Aspen Music Festival, Aspen in CO, July 2007;
  21. Quintette Cassiopee, Lyon, France, May 2007;
  22. Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Principal Woodwind Quintet, Shang Hai, China, November 2006;
  23. Bergen Woodwind Quintet, University of Minnesota, October 2006;
  24. Aspen Music Festival, Aspen in CO, August 2006, premiere of Woodwind Quintet Mo Suo's Burial Ceremony.
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